Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Official Nintendo Player's Guide:


Raw strength, lightning speed, split-second timing - eight grueling track and field events demand the best you have to give. How fast can you run without jumping the gun? Do you have a new angle on the Javelin throw? How sharp is your skeet shooting? Can you handle the hurdles, clear the triple and high jumps and go for the gold?

GAME PLAY: Pick your opponent - friend or computer. Either way, you'll sweat it out head-to-head against Olympic champions in eight events including long jump, archery, high jump, 100-meter dash, 110-meter hurdles, javelin throw, skeet shoot, and triple jump. Start at the novice level and work up to the fast paced challenge of the experienced levels. Soon enough, you'll know the score when Jocular Pig, UFO, or the Mole come into the competition. Winning depends on your timing, speed, aim, reflexes, and mental muscle. Try to psyche out your opponents! It may work to help make you an Olympic star in the ultimate athletic contest.

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