Sunday, October 08, 2006

Archery (NES Advantage) Record


jakenew said...

I am curious what your guys records are with the original controller. We've never used the turbo or advantage controller, but our records with the original controll are: 100m 8.34 javelin 116.38 triple jump 22.45 long jump 11.87! Also can you give me detail on the pause trick in the 100m, ive never heard of such a glitch....thanks!

Tellez said...

We've actually never used the original controller (sore thumbs, waste of time, annoying). The "Special" controllers are so much easier to use, and more fun, very cheap on eBay.

Your records are impressive. It's interesting how close they are to our Max Turbo controller records, and your triple jump exceeds our Max Turbo record.

Not sure what you mean by "pause trick."

Thank you