Thursday, September 02, 2010

100 Meter

The key to a successful 100 Meter dash is the start. Watch and listen as the 3 purple dots light up for each phase of the start (ready-set-go). The final dot lights up slightly later than the first two, and is accompanied with the bang of the gun. To really set records you will need to leave the blocks exactly or just before the CPU, and don't forget to run through the finish line.

THINGS TO NOTICE: Your mustache. A Turbo Controller will not only greatly improve your time, but will also make the CPU run much faster. If you fail to qualify you will cry. If you qualify you will rejoice. If you, and the CPU get the exact same time, the Jocular Pig will appear from the right, and give you 3000 points. You are given 50 seconds to finish the race or you are fouled.

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Teo T said...

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