Thursday, September 02, 2010

110 Meter Hurdles

As with the 100 M, getting a perfect start is essential to record breaking in the 110 M Hurdles. Also, the more running you do between the hurdles the faster your time will be. The jump over the hurdle is what slows the race down. So, take as many steps between the hurdles as you can. Getting into a rhythm helps, try 4 steps-hurdle, 4 steps-hurdle, and so on, and don't forget to run through the finish line.

THINGS TO NOTICE: While using theTurbo Controller the hurdles come up very fast, watch out. Using a Turbo Controller will not only greatly improve your time, but will also make the CPU run much faster. If you fail to qualify you will cry. If you qualify you will rejoice. If you and the CPU get the exact same time the Jocular Pig will appear from the right and give you 3000 points. You are given 50 seconds to finish the race or you will be fouled.

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