Thursday, September 02, 2010

High Jump

The High Jump is the final event. For some it posses a major problem. One must learn the three step jumping procedure and then your in the clear. Step one: sprint down the runway (top speed is not necessary), and take off by tapping the controller within an 1½" of the mat. Step Two: when you have reached the desired height hold the controller down, which will allow you to fosbury flop and drift over the bar. Unlike the other events, holding the controller down starts at 80° and counts down. Step three: release the controller, and fall into the pit. If you keep the controller pushed down during step three you will land further into the pit and your degree will drop. The degree of the jump is not critical in the high jump. Just make sure you jump before hitting the mat, and follow the three steps. You do get points each time you jump a qualifying jump.

THINGS TO NOTICE: If you clear all three heights the Astro-nut will fall from the sky and bounce off the runway, and give you 3000 points. If you fail to qualify you will cry. If you qualify you will rejoice. If you foul by running into the mat, you will scratch your head in confusion.
QUALIFYING MARKS: Round 1 - 2.26 M, Round 2 - 2.28 M, Round 3 - 2.30 M

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Miami Diva said...

You guys have been an inspiration! My brother and I started recording our records in each event of this classic NES game. Your site is absolutely classic! The Throes of Defeat cracks me up.