Thursday, September 02, 2010

Long Jump

To set new records in the long jump you must max out your speed and use every last millimeter of the board. All 3 of the jumping events display a small box at the bottom of the screen which indicates the degree of your jump trajectory. The lower the number, the more shallow the jump. The higher the number, the higher the jump. 45° is optimal. With a 45°jump you get a perfect arc into the pit, not too high, not too low. Without a 45° jump you will never put up outstanding records. You do not get points for each individual jump. You are awarded points only at the end of the event if you qualify.

THINGS TO NOTICE: If you jump exactly 9.9 or 10 meters, or if you jump so that the last 2 digits in the distance are the same, the Mole burrows out of the sand and you will receive a bonus 3000 points. The style of jump you perform is called the Sail Technique. Though the NES Advantage allows you to run much faster than the NES Max, you will find that it has no impact on the actual distance of the jump. If you fail to qualify you will cry. If you qualify you will rejoice. If you foul, you will scratch you head in confusion. If you do not jump a signal will sound to prompt you to jump. If you still do not jump you will be fouled

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