Thursday, September 02, 2010


In Archery you start off by randomly selecting the wind direction and speed with the A button. Zero being no wind and six being the fastest wind speed. The wind will greatly alter the arrow's drift. At first the target will come from the top of the screen at the far right. In later rounds the target will come from the bottom. To release an arrow hold the button down for a split second. By holding down the button you alter the angle of the arrow. The longer you hold it down the higher your angle and will inturn make the arrow hit higher on the target. The shorter you hold it down the lower your angle and inturn the lower the arrow will hit the target. 5.00° is the optimal angle. Bulls eyes can be reached with angles between 4.76° - 5.20°.

THINGS TO NOTICE: If you bulls eye ONLY the second to last target; Happy Cat & Balloon will appear; hit the balloon, get 1000 points and receive 3 bonus arrows (in order for this to work you can't get any bulls eyes before the second to last arrow). A bulls eye is 600 points, and the CPU will say "nice" above the lower SCORE box.

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