Thursday, September 02, 2010


The Javelin is a simple yet exhilarating event. You simply run down at top speed and release the javelin at the edge of the runway. Make sure to throw at a 45° angle for optimal distance. You do not get points for each individual throw. Points are awarded only at the end, if you qualify for the event.

THINGS TO NOTICE: For some easy bonus points try maxing out your throw degree to 80°, so that the javelin hits the top of the screen. You must do this all before the 20 meter marker. The javelin will bring down a stadium light and you will receive 3000 points. If you fail to qualify you will cry. If you qualify you will rejoice. If you foul, you will scratch your head in confusion. If you wait to long to throw, a signal will sound to prompt you. If you still do not make a movement you are fouled.
QUALIFYING MARKS: Round 1 - 65 M, Round 2 - 70 M, Round 3 - 75 M.