Thursday, September 02, 2010

Triple Jump

The Triple Jump allows you "hop, step, and jump" into the NES T&F record books like no other event.
This is the most technical of the events. Your speed at the board, and degree of trajectory will make the difference between an ordinary jump, and a BIG, BIG jump. As with the Long Jump a 45° jump will give you the optimal distance. 45° for all three jumps (NES Max controller only) is a must to obtain "The Big One." The distance you will cover is jaw-dropping. It should be noted that the take off point for your final jump must be done at or before the 13 meter marker. More specifically at or before the 3rd white spec of sand in the pit. If you surpass this mark you will foul the jump. With the NES Advantage controller your speed is between 1470 - 1489 CM/SEC at the board. If you jump at 45° with that speed you will foul every time. You must alter your first two jumps to make your final jump before the previously mentioned 13 meter marker. Try a mid 50° 1st jump followed by a 80° jump and finally a 45° jump. Or a mid 70° jump for the 1st, 2 jumps, and 45° for the third jump. "The Big One" can be achieved with a board speed of 1477 and above.
With the NES Max your speed is less, between 1370-1385 CM/SEC at the board, making your jumps lower and shorter. So, you can often get away with jumping 45° for all 3 jumps, if your speed isn't too fast. You do get points for each time you jump a qualifying jump.

THINGS TO NOTICE: If you foul on your first jump phase you are usually allowed to follow through with the rest of the jump. If your speed is high and your jumps are long enough you will jump to the end of the pit. Where as if you foul on the 2ND phase of the jump, by exceding the 13 M marker, you will be stopped in the pit. If you fail to qualify you will cry. If you qualify you will rejoice. If you foul, you will scratch your head in confusion. If you wait too long to jump a signal will sound, to prompt you. If you still do not make a movement you will be fouled. If you jump exactly 23.33 M the Astro-nut will appear, giving you 3000 points.
QUALIFYING MARKS: Round 1 - 13 M, Round 2 - 14 M, Round 3- 15 M

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